In-house Facilities

In-house Facilities

In-house-FacilitiesYour pet will receive unrivalled care from a team who have the latest facilities at their disposal.

If your pet has a sudden and unexpected problem, one of the first challenges can often be to determine an accurate diagnosis before any treatment can be started.

Here at 24HourVet we have access to some of the latest state-of-the-art veterinary equipment, allowing us to run a variety of tests on your pet quickly and efficiently. Ultimately this results in not only reduced discomfort for your pet, but reduced anxiety for you too.

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Our extensive facilities include:

  • Diagnostic imaging facilities, including ultrasound, x-ray, endoscopy and a visiting MRI scanner. These often prove essential in determining a problem with your pet’s bones, organs or soft tissues that may not be immediately obvious on examination.
  • In-house laboratory services. This means that we can analyse samples from your pet almost instantly and prescribe the appropriate course of action.
  • Dental equipment and facilities. These instruments allow us to identify any problems in your pet’s mouth and treat them as quickly as possible.
  • Three fully equipped surgical theatres. This capacity means that if your pet needs emergency surgery they should not have to wait.
Furthermore, our specially-selected veterinary team have expertise across a wide range of surgical procedures, including soft tissue, orthopaedics and even spinal surgery. This means that whatever problem your pet might have – from fractures to gastrointestinal complaints, nerve injuries or internal bleeding – our vets will be able to address it efficiently without need for referral to another hospital.

For more information about the facilities available in-house at 24HourVet, please feel free to contact us on 0208 300 8111.