In-Patient Care

24HourVet In-Patient Care

In-Patient CareYour pet will receive the same level of care and attention at 24HourVet as they would do at home.

If you had to go into hospital on your own in the middle of the night, you would probably hope that the team looking after you would be not only skilled but also reassuring and able to make the whole situation as anxiety-free as possible.

That is exactly the type of care that your pet will receive at 24HourVet.

Should your pet ever require urgent medical assistance, you can rest assured that our experienced, highly capable and compassionate team will be available throughout the night. If they need to stay in with us for further tests or even surgery, they will be monitored consistently by our vets and nurses.

What’s more, our team will always take the time to cuddle patients frequently, sit with them to calm any anxiety where necessary, and take them out for exercise if appropriate. It is widely recognised that reducing anxiety can help speed up your pet’s recovery process.

If you have any questions about the care of patients at 24HourVet, or to speak to a member of the team for more information, please call us on 0208 300 8111.