We are always on hand to assess your pet and deliver any treatment they might need

Price List

On your first visit to 24HourVet, you will be required to pay a £68.80 registration charge on top of the relevant consultation fee, unless you have already pre-registered your pet’s details.

Pre-registering with us could not only save you money but also valuable time in the event of an emergency.

Please note that if you are a client of The Laurels Vets, Ives Vet Services, Oval Pet Centre, Barrier Vets, ParkVets@Home, Mead Vets, All Creatures or Vets4Pets Sevenoaks, you are already registered with us and do not need to register again.

Emergency Consultations

Monday to Sunday 24/7 £88.00 to £265 depending on time.


If your pet requires surgery or further investigations that will need them to be kept in for a longer period of time, you can rest assured that they will be in the best possible care. Our highly skilled team and extensive facilities allow us to reach a diagnosis and course of treatment as efficiently as possible whilst keeping your pet comfortable in the meantime.

Pet Type Price
Cats per day From £75.00
Cats per night From £105.00
Dogs per day From £88.50
Dogs per night From £115.00

Our team will be able to discuss hospitalisation fees for other animals on request.